Mrs. Newton's Second Grade Classroom

Weekly Snapshot & Annoucements

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Finish any and all class work in all subjects each day.....

We are working hard each day on routines, expectations, academics, and all that and more, sprinkled with love and fun.

Scholastic Book Club Class Code is R9MNY *Most families order online for better pricing than in th flyer. Books can be shipped to school or home (home deliveries tend to take longer per Scholastic.

Zearn Class Code: PE8G2Q Lalilo code is KNDIPV Prodigy Math, Class Code 46fb9b7

Thank you to all the parents for a wonderful Field Day!

Language Arts -Now and Ben

Math- Begin Topic 15.1 Line Plots

15.2 More Line Plots

15.3 Draw bar graphs to solve problems

15.4 Draw picture graphs

15.5 Draw conclusions for graphs & Math 4 Today quiz

Religion -Begin Ch. 12

Science- Earth's Land & Water-

Social Studies- Scholastic News